Van Doren for Vans Vault x Disney – Retro Sneaker Collection


This release has been a long time in the making, and has been anticipated by many Vans sneaker collectors “in the know”.  Two world-famous Southern California brands, both with die-hard followers, both representing two separate cultures, but relating to most people of all ages in our region.  The information has been kept quiet pretty well, considering the magnitude of this collaboration.  I mean, anytime you work with Disney on a special project, you’d better expect a little bit of a frenzy to occur.  This past week, Vans Vault accounts have been slowly getting their pairs delivered, and perhaps it’s a good thing that there wasn’t a coordinated launch date, or announcement, so that there could be some surprise and excitement around hunting down your pair(s).  One thing’s for sure, once we posted the info up on our Instagram account, by the end of the day, we had 90 comments!  That’s a record, and most were people tagging other people, spreading the word like wildfire!  Being a Vans collector has it’s benefits at times like this, such as knowing where to find these.  We know pretty much all of the Vault accounts, so we pay close attention to them, watching for that drop info.  The Disney fans come out of the wood work with releases like this, especially here in SoCal.  I know this beast all too well, as an annual passholder, and as a former pin trader, I know the extents of what this Disneybeast will do for all things Disneyana.  We have the edge though, since this release was under Vans Vault.  They will have to search hard and travel far to find these.

Featured in the collection, are all retro models, something that is designated to the Van Doren line from Vans, and thus why this release is featured under Vault and Van Doren respectively.  Vans sourced out a few original Made in USA models, and recreated the prints that were once used on the earlier 80’s Disney Vans that some of you are familiar with.  You’ll find Mickey, Donald, and Winnie The Pooh on the Authentics, which were also made in a toddler version, which is a treat for us Vault fans, as the last time we saw this, was with the UNDFTD Hernan Era LX release, and before that, the Uniphant Authentics I believe.  Basically, buy them when they come out!!!  There’s also two Sk8-Hi Reissues, one in a blue suede with Donald print, and another in red suede with a Mickey square print.  These are dope, and all Disney fans need them!

These pics are via Proper, which just dropped theirs this past week.  Undefeated also dropped them as well, and Blends is due to drop theirs soon.  Search around hard enough, and you’ll find them!


Check out the toddler Authentics after the jumpvans-vault-disney-collection-3-630x419

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