Vans California – Cali Tribe Authentic CA (Available Now!)

Vans’ history and its life-long bond with the skate and surf culture began in 1966 in Southern California and the rolling out of a single pair of shoes: the Authentic. Generations since have embraced this simple beacon of the Vans heritage for its unbiased effectiveness, recognizable design, and versatility. As a member of the California Collection, the Authentic picks from a vast material trove and inventive color and pattern palette, and this year looks back a few centuries, when the women of Mali’s Bamana culture began to relay the breadth and depth of their heritage into art and fabric. To this day, Bògòlanfini, or “mudcloth”, speaks of Africa through the broad strokes of its graphics and rich textures that have influenced contemporary lifestyles everywhere, whether in their bustling cities or walking down their runways. Warm earth tones alternate in contrasting zigzag and blocked stripe patterns to ground modern appeal in the traditions of authentic history. Waxed laces, copper antique finish eyelets, and pigskin hang flags accentuate this Authentic CA silhouette. Available now by clicking on the pic above.  Support OTWS!

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