Vans California – Era Decon CA (Spring 2012)

Check out these awesome deconstructed Era’s due out in January from the Vans California team.  For all you new visitors to our site, let me put you up on game with this unfamiliar model.  Whenever Vans uses the label “Decon” in any of their models, it primarily means that the shoe is deconstructed, or minimalized.  Stripped down, are all the extra padding, and sometimes even the embellishments such as wave stripes on the side of the shoe, or just pretty much any unnecessary panels that aren’t providing structural support for the shoe.  It’s a bare-bones, sleek appearance that they try to achieve, to fit in with certain fashion trends.  With that said, now you know!  This release consists of two colorways: brown/dark grey, and light brown/navy, both constructed of premium leather and suede.  The Vans CA line can be found at certain retail outlets, such as Nordstroms, and certain boutiques, but never at any Vans stores.  These will be available soon!

info via Highsnobiety

individual pics after the jump

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