Vans Classics x Star Wars – Capsule Collection (Fall 2014)


I know, I know, we’re a little late to the party with the info on the Star Wars x Vans collection.  Making it’s follow-up debut, to the Vault By Vans x Star Wars pack, the general release collection has been at retailers since June 1st.  This is the first collection to drop, featuring some fashion forward designs, mostly comprised of patterns, such as a floral Yoda print, a Boba Fett Camo one, as well as a Storm Trooper paisley bandana print.  Designed to wear with anything, and not just be a collector piece, which is a smart move.  There are a few accessories as well, which aren’t pictured here, which include a backpack, a snapback hat, and some clothing and socks.  Head to your nearest Vans retailer, as they should all have them in stock.  Oh, and next season, look for a more “darker side” of the Star Wars campaign to emerge.

pics via Highsnobiety

more models after the jump

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