Vans Creates Specialized Shoes for the Professional Kitchen


As somebody commented on Hypebeast: “lol, sorry chuck hughes, i guess vans moved onto a cooler chef, nothing personal”, regarding the OTH x Vault “Black Crab” release, which was a special release, aimed at the people who work in kitchens, specially designed with non-skid soles, water-resistant uppers that featured a durable tough rubberized material.  As we always say, no collab is safe!  Too bad Vans couldn’t have worked with the people who originally brought the idea to the table.  Hopefully these come out well!

Words and pics via Hypebeast:

“It is no secret that while Vans shoes were originally designed for and marketed towards the surf and skateboarding culture, it has long since surpassed this niche to become the go-to shoes for work and play. Coming as no surprise, Vans have now redesigned the Classic Slip-On with Tyler Kord, chef and owner of the No. 7 family of restaurants, specifically for those in the restaurant business. Featuring an upper of water- and grime-repellant canvas treated with Vansguard® and a siped outsole to increase grip on smooth, wet kitchen floors, the shoe is completely black to hide any stains. Inside the shoe, we have enhanced footbed cushioning and arch support suited to prolonged periods of standing. See them in action at the No. 7 Sub kitchen in Brooklyn, New York, and look for them to drop soon at Vans.”

more pics after the jump

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