Vans – Half Cab 20th Anniversary (more leaks!)

This Half Cab 20th Anniversary collection is turning out to be quite possibly THE release of the year!  Via Instagram, Steve Caballero shared some new pics of this capsule collection, and with a little help from our fellow OTWS members, we’ve gathered a little more information for you all.  We already know that each month, Vans is releasing a half cab.  The first pair (January) is the Supreme-exclusive “duct tape” Black/Grey pair which is limited to 5 pairs per store.  The next four (February-May) will be a classic Half Cab model in suede, in their original colorways from the mid to late 80s.  Retailing for $60, and available at all Vans locations.  The next four, (June-September) will be a Half Cab Pro model, designed by a few familiar artists, such as Dirty Donny, Steve Cab himself, and an OTWS favorite, Taka Hayashi!  These pairs will retail for $85 and will also be available at all Vans stores.  There’s also word out that there may be a few special releases/collabos dropping some time throughout the year, so stick with us for any and all updates regarding this project, because they’ve now gotten our attention!  Check out a few close-ups of the artist collab projects after the jump!

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