Vans – Half Cab “20th Anniversary” Pro models (another look!)

We’re now half way through the year, and subsequently half way through the Half Cab’s 20th Anniversary, and since pretty much all of the original colorways have been released, we can now expect the more creative, and artistic models to come next.  These will all be made as Half Cab Pro models, unlike the previous releases which were all Classics, so we can expect all of the bells and whistles that all Pro models feature.  As we patiently wait for official press pics, we can at least get a closer look at a few of the artist collaborations coming out soon.  Seen here, are creations created by MoFo, Dirty Donny, and Steve Caballero himself.  Each one totally different from the rest!  Sorry we don’t have any more info at this time, but enjoy a few pics after the jump!

more pics after the jump

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