Vans – iPhone 4 Case “2.0” (Review)

So by now most of you who are our normal followers have had a chance to purchase your Vans iPhone 4 cases that have recently been restocked.  This is one of the best phone cases out there at the moment, and is definitely the most unique.  Some of you may have noticed the slight change to the new version of the case, most notably the camera ring is now black to absorb any reflection from the camera flash.  This should appease all of you iPhotographers.  The other subtle, but noticeable difference is the color of the gum colored waffle sole.  It appears to be slightly darker, but only marginal.  It’s still the same ol’ case as the original!  Oh, and I also forgot to mention that they relabeled the packaging as well to say iPhone 4 and 4S.  Here’s a shot of the new case for all of you still on the fence.

These keep restocking on the Vans store online, but I expect them to not last long!  Click here and on my pic after the jump to see if they still have any.

Purchase after the jump!

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