Vans iPhone4 Rubber Waffle Case (Now Available!)

So just about this time last year, I stumbled across this waffle grip iPhone4 case from a Vans employee who is a friend of a friend.  Knowing that I was big into Vans and that I had a forum and site dedicated to all things Vans related, we were introduced.  Immediately, the friend pulls out his phone and shows me this awesome case he had on it.  I wanted one.  I needed one!  He said that they were only for promotional use, and weren’t going to be made, so I snapped a few pics, to bring back to the guys on the forum, and to break the bad news that we will never be able to buy one, and very few of us will be able to get our hands on one.  Well, that same statement, a year later, happens to be partially true.  You see, this case has turned out to be an actual production item, but it seems that some of us can’t get our hands on them!  How can this be?!  OTWS members have been psyched on this accessory ever since we first caught wind of it, and to tell us it’s released and for sale?!  Well, word spreads fast around the internets these days, and the #1 tech blog Gizmodo happened to post up news about this awesome case, and that can be the only explanation as to why us dedicated Vans heads are having a harder time than normal, obtaining one of these.  (They even gave us credit for the info!)  I mean, we have no problem sourcing limited edition 1 of 96 pair runs of shoes, or hyped up Japanese-label  collaboration Vans Syndicates, but a measly $28 “General Release” at your local Vans store iPhone case we can’t?!  C’mon!  And resellers are selling these at $100 a pop on eBay?  C’mon!

Well, I can consider myself very lucky, because the homie Ryanskeet here on OTWS was able to source a case for me.  The details are so dope!  Check out the waffle grip, in the same gum color as most Vans shoes.  The toe bumper looks cool, as well as the red heel tab incorporated into the side of the case.  Did you even notice the foxing stripe that runs around the border of the screen?  Please don’t ask me to find you any, and please don’t ask where this one came from.  Do a little footwork and you may be rewarded, but as with any hype, you gotta move fast.  Good luck, and happy hunting!

Useful info:

Price $28

Vans online store is sold out, but some Vans stores may still have them, and others haven’t received them yet.  Some stores say they won’t get them until after Christmas, and there’s also rumors that a wide-spread release is set for February.  Hopefully that’s the case, so everyone can rock this awesome joint!  Don’t give into the hype and pay 3x retail for this, on eBay!  Be patient people.

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