Vans Japan x Mr. Gentleman – Authentic (Japan Exclusive)


Vans Japan has teamed up with Japanese brand Mr. Gentleman to produce these wild Authentics.  There’s not much info out there on these, but one thing we know here at Under The Palms is our Vans, and right off the bat, these didn’t look like our typical Vans shoe, which means it must be the Japan editions, lol!  Upon further inspection, we noticed that the shape was slightly rounder, and the Vans logo on the footbed had the familiar look that most of them have.  The next giveaway was the box, which has a different construction, with a thicker lid.  Anyways, back to the shoes.  They’re loud.  There’s flowers on the footbed which nobody will see, so basically you’re just wearing a pinstriped Vans Authentic.  But I guess they’ve figured out a way to make them more colorful, and that’s by including 5 different colored pairs of laces for you to swap out.  Great work here Mr. Gentleman.  Great work indeed.  -___-

Buy them here for 15,120 Yen or $150 USD


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