Vans Japan x Stitch x Fire-King Heritage – Vintage Reproduction Stacking Mugs


Stitch lifestyle store and glassware brand Fire-King Heritage, have teamed up with Vans to create these awesome stackable mugs.  Popular in the 1940s in America, the brand is now produced in Japan, catering to the vintage collector market, under the “Heritage” label.  Known for their everyday use, the durability and quality of their dishes and mugs make them highly collectable, and these are every bit as identical as the originals, except for their country of origin, which is now Japan.  Stitch decided to go with the vintage Vans skate logos from older 60s and 70s shoe boxes, which make for an awesome overall retro theme, and if you have friends in Japan, or know how to read their Rakuten store, then you can place pre-orders for these until Friday.  Order me one, if you can!  I’ll pay you for your services, lol!

info via FreshnessMag

tons more pics after the jump

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