Vans Launches Free House of Vans App for iPhone and iPad (update!)

Just an update on the new Vans app for everyone!  The fine people over at Vans have recently updated the app to include all Syndicate and Vault releases as well.  Use the app to find your nearest retail spot, and possibly check inventory.  Thanks for hearing us out Vans!  Ask and you shall receive.

Listen up all you iPhone and iPad owners out there!  Vans has recently released an app for you all, that will allow you to research your favorite Vans products, share information and comments with friends, and then find the nearest Vans dealer stocking that particular product.  It’s a pretty interesting app, and you can read more about it on the vans blog, as well as find a link to download the app for free.  Peep the jump, for some screenshots, and word on the streets is that OTWS will be given a shout out on there, once they get their blog section up and running!  Now, if only we can convince them to include Vault and Syndicate product as well!  Hey, we can wish!

more pics after the jump

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