Vans LXVI – Inscribe – Black / Orange (Video Review by @samcolt12)

A lot of people are on the fence with the new LXVI series from Vans.  This is common whenever a new brand or sub-label emerges into the marketplace.  Vans is no stranger to the action-sports market that LXVI is aiming towards, but their approach is all new.  Partnering up with Foot Locker is an interesting strategy.  Trying to get the attention of a new consumer group is tough, but this is already a great start.  OTWS’ OG member, and resident video reviewer SamColt12 had recently won a raffle that Vans was holding for the LXVI series, and he was given a free pair of Inscribe’s.  He’s produced a short video review on the shoe, and has given some insight and opinions on the shoe, and the LXVI brand as a whole.  Check it out, and if you’re interested in purchasing these, then support OTWS and buy them through our links after the jump, by clicking on the pictures!

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