Vans OTW Collection

Utilizing their deep catalogs of shoe designs, and their extensive artist collaborators who stay on deck, waiting for Vans to call them back up to the plate, Vans has formed a new line, known as OTW, which obviously is a take on their Off The Wall slogan, known worldwide.  This new subdivision of Vans, caters to that inevitable “grown man” style, that a lot of sneakerheads gravitate to, after being fed up with the hype of the sneaker game, and who are looking for something that they can wear to their 9-5, and then hit up the local night spot after that, without being sweated by the door man.  The styles are all new, but look closer, they definitely have the DNA of some elder models.  It’s a perfect way to keep the brand recognizable, yet adapted.  I think these will do very well.  Vans has just tapped into a new demographic with the OTW line.

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