Vans OTW x Lupe Fiasco – Collection (Coming Soon!)

Words via Chris (chrishatesyoujk) from OTW:

“The Vans OTW Collection proudly introduced international recording star Lupe Fiasco as part of our Advocate 2012 roster along with graphic designer Eric Elms, vinyl art sculptor Chris Kong and photographer/director Dimitri Coste this past January. Vans looks forward to showcasing the talents of these four unique individuals in the coming months. One specific project we are excited about is the launch of our Lupe Fiasco x Vans OTW Collection footwear due out in the Holiday 2012 season. For this collaboration, Fiasco teamed up with the Vans design crew to create his first signature shoe. More details will emerge as we near the end the 2012. Stay tuned to for updates!”

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