Vans President Kevin Bailey On New LXVI Line, and Growth Strategy

I’ve just read this interesting article over on Transworld Business, discussing Vans’ upcoming growth strategy to enter into the “Every-Day Action Sports Enthusiast” market with the LXVI line, dominated currently by Nike SB and Adidas Skateboarding.  This particular consumer currently buys shoes that we’re all familiar with, such as the P. Rod Pro Model, Eric Koston Pro Model, Omar Salazar Pro Model, Busenitz, and so on.  It’s an interesting move to say the least.  It’s definitely not in our expertise to say what sells, because we’re all hype driven, or at least sub-brand driven with our Syndicates, Vaults, and collabs, so perhaps I should just leave it at that.  What are your opinions on the LXVI (sixty-six) line?  Check out the article over on Transworld Business, and learn more about why Vans decided to branch off into this category, during a time when I feel they are on top, and just getting better.

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