Vans Syndicate 020.128 – Old Skool Backpack “S” (Available Now!)

It’s about damn time that we see another Syndicate accessory!  Remember a few years back when almost every shoe was packaged with some sort of goodies or accessories with them?  Times are hard, and people’s spending limits are much lower, so it’s totally understandable, so it brings me great joy to see this awesome Old Skool Backpack from the Vans Syndicate group.  This was supposed to release alongside the upcoming Chukka Low “S”, but Silo was able to get theirs early.  In fact, they’ve already sold out of their first shipment, but they have a second restock coming soon, so head on over and place your order before they’re all gone.  School is only a month or so away, so get yours now on Silo’s webstore for $50!

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Here’s the info via Brant at Silo:

RELEASE: 020.128



MTL #: VN-0QW053P

Syndicate exclusive expeditionary field sack which features reinforced detailing and tech compartments to make this Syndicate ballistic pack your essential tactical gear for that stealth approach.

Shape of Bag:  Standard student bag but with a little more volume.
Shoulder straps:  Simple, but redesigned to have a military feel.
Strap Logo detail:  Vans hang flag on shoulder strap.
Main Logo Detail:  Embossed suede Crooked “S” logo with Vans hangflag stitched under bottom.
Main compartment detail:  Military webbing across.
Added:  Laptop compartment / access using zipper on outside / located on back panel.
Color:  All Black with Port accent details to match Chukka Low “S” (Ballistic) pack.

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