Vans Syndicate 024.152 x Defcon – Sk8-Hi Notchback Pro “S” & Old Skool Pro “S” (Dropping Now!)


The highly anticipated, wait let me rephrase that, the most unforeseen cluster f*ck of a Syndicate release in years has started to drop upon us!  That’s right, the collaboration, but not really a collaboration because it’s all in-house, with the recently exposed DEFCON group, has been popping up all over the world at Vans Syndicate accounts.  The Sk8-Hi Notchback Pro “S” is selling out faster than the Old Skool Pro “S”, but both are disappearing faster than free beer!  I typically give the heads up when a release is available online, but as soon as these releases pop up, they’re pretty much gone in an hour or so.  I’d rather let the loyalists to each shop get theirs first, or those who are doing their homework!  If you’ve stumbled upon us through a web search, and you’re unfamiliar with how to get a pair of these, then you first have to know a few things.  These awesome Vans shoes were created under Vans’ core skate shop exclusive division, known as Vans Syndicate.  They’re only available from local community skate shops.  You won’t find Syndicates at a mall, or local sneaker boutique.  Click here for a list of Syndicate dealers near you.  Next, you need to know that these were produced in very limited numbers, and when word gets out about limited availability, then the sneaker resellers will come out in droves to try and head you off at the pass, so they can make money off of the high demand.  Sneakers are a commodity now days, and are bought and sold through various sneaker exchanges these days, the most popular being eBay.  Right now, these seem to be hitting the $160 mark.  Retail is $80.  $160 is high for a pair of Vans, yes, but low compared to your typical Nike Basketball shoe, or Jordan retro, and you can’t put a price on this type of authenticity and coolness.  Plus, you better believe that a ton of soldiers, gun nuts, preppers, and military enthusiasts are going to be after these as well.  DEFCON always brings the heat to the table, and you’d better not sleep, otherwise you’ll be paying sucker reseller prices.  Anyways.  Good luck hunting down pairs, as more shops will be getting these throughout this week and next.  Call around.  Put in that work!  Make some connections.  Be nice, and courteous, and that shop that typically doesn’t do phone orders, just might be willing to help out a nice person!

Thanks to Brant @Silostore for the pics!


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