Vans Syndicate 025.154 – “AVE/Dill Pack” AV Classic “S” & AV Classic High “S” (Available Now @silostore)


The next Vans Syndicate release has been popping up at local “S” dealers, and this time, AVE and Dill are back at it, bringing some fresh and original ideas to the table.  For this 025.154 release, they’ve created a new model, in a high and low, that’s really an update to the Native American model, which Anthony Van Engelen turned into a low, dubbed the AV Native American Low.  The AV Classic is a deconstructed version of that shoe, with as few panels needed as possible.  Most of the lines of the shoe come from the detailed stitching, but the focal point of both shoes are definitely the materials used.  The AV Classic “S” features a spider web pattern on black canvas for the entire shoe, while the AV Classic High “S” features a premium leather construction, similar to a Chuck, and featuring the Mr. Cartoon “S” on the inside ankle.  There’s a perforated jazz stripe, as well as a spider web textured design on the side wall of the vulc sole.  Our homie Brant from Silo spoke with Neal at Syndicate, and he said “The molding on the Classic High “S” is inspired by the spiderwebs  AVE was carving into his boards, and DILL’s inspiration was a riff off that — wanting a heavy texture and for it to come off looking like a mesh.”  This release has something to offer for everybody.  Whether you’re style is low-key and simple, or loud and attention grabbing.  There are also a few other special things to note.  DRAWER BOXES ARE BACK!!!  Yep, that’s right.  This is a must for the collector, as we like to stack our boxes high.  Thank you Vans Syndicate!!!  Also, there are a few goodies included with this pack.  A dope Syndicate “S” keychain is included with each pair, as well as a few cool new sticker designs.  Don’t sleep, and head on over to our main supporter Silo’s webstore, to cop your pairs, or wait for your local shop to get them.  We support being loyal to your local spot.  They all need your support.  There may be a review coming soon!


INDEX #: 025.154
This spring, skateboarding’s odd couple returns for another Syndicate exclusive. The AV Native American gets a Classic “S” and High “S” treatment from Dill and Ave, respectively. Both styles feature original details, premium leathers and custom AVE / DILL Syndicate Badging.

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