Vans Syndicate 026.160 – RapidWeld Pack (August 2014) #NOYFB


Right off the heels of the Golf Wang Old Skool Pro “S”, Vans Syndicate is hitting us up with another release for the same month.  They’re presenting to us, the Seylynn Rapidweld “S” and Mt. Edition Mid Rapidweld “S”.  The Rapidweld technology used in producing the two shoes featured, shows off a seamless construction throughout most of the shoe, with a few hits of premium full-grain black leather, and premium temperature management linings.  The Rapidweld Pack explores the unknown, paying homage to a culture of classified missions led by the military, the Air Force and beyond, and includes a special pack of unique patches symbolizing these clandestine operations.  #NOYFB

This pack has been delayed to most of the shops, which wouldn’t be such an issue if Vans would just stop trying to create release dates for their shoes.  Most of us Vans collectors and enthusiasts spend a good amount of our money on Vans because they don’t follow in the footsteps of other shoe brands that NEED to do these sort of tactics to sell their product.  The authenticity is already there, and I feel by doing this, it diminishes the coolness of the product.  Stop producing action sports spectator footwear, and you won’t need to look to your gems to produce more profit (or less loss as some releases go).  That’s just my opinion, #butthatsnoneofmybusinessthough

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Rapidweld_Hero_3 Rapidweld_Hero_2

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