Vans Syndicate 026.164.1 x Civilist – Berlin Pack (Summer 2014) @silostore


Briefing courtesy of Silo, as well as the awesome pics!

Civilist created this cool 3-pack with a trip to Berlin in mind. They’ve created the perfect 3-pack, for your weekend, or over-night stay, while visiting their town. Read along, as they explain what shoe to designate for each situation you end up in. Genius idea Civilist! Well done, and awesome design. If you like beer, then these are speaking directly to you!

“It’s about Berlin. It’s about Civilist. It’s about partying. We’d like to give you’re the inspiration for it. Because that’s why you come to Berlin.

Today is the day.
Drinks to get into the right mood. Maybe in front of our store in Berlin-Mitte. Then dinner at a nearby restaurant or a Döner. More beers. Then entering a bar. Maybe some cocktails, or shots. For sure some more beers. Then club. Buddies. Shots. Beers. Music. Ladies. Longdrinks. Beers. Schnaps. Dancing. Beers. Talking. Shots. Blackout. No more money in the wallet. However. Taxi ride home. No recollections. But a few receipts. Best case you are not alone when you’re going to bed. Suggested footwear for your night out:
Era Pro “S” – for the dance floor.

Next morning, afternoon, or night.
Hungover. Kater. Head hurts. Dehydration. Body works in slow motion, only. Maybe alone again. Maybe not. However, you need food and water. Forget about the occasional “Konter-Bier”. Won’t work. Heading to the supermarket or “Späti” around the corner. Maybe some food. Döner again? Or a Schnitzel? Maybe some pasta? You need lots of it. And most probably. This day is gone. Because you have been at an after hour party a few hours before. Suggested footwear for this cropped day:
Slip-On “S” – no need to lace up at all.

Next day.
You are feeling ok by now. All toxic waste has left your body. Hopefully. Maybe it’s not even traceable anymore. Body functions are working again. You’re leaving your hideout from yesterday’s recovery program. Worst case destinations now: work, university, school or family re-union. Best case: you are meeting up with your friends. Preferably you are coming to our store and will seat yourself on our bench. Waiting to go to a skate spot. Or starting drinking beers again. Prost. Suggested footwear for this day:
Sk8-Mid Notchback “S” – giving you the needed support.”

Available now for sale on Silo’s webstore as well as your local Syndicate dealer.

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