Vans Syndicate – Anthony Van Engelen & Jason Dill Pack (releasing in April!)

Awhile back we previewed the Syndicate AVE/Dill pack, from a few spy shots from last year’s Agenda tradeshow in Huntington Beach, and it looks like the official pics from Vans Syndicate have released.  The people over at Crooked Tongues have been nice enough to leak this info for all of us, and to share the pics sent to them as well.  They’ve also written up a nice post on them, discussing a little bit about the Syndicate heritage, and a little bit about the design process on this particular release.  They’ve also mentioned that these will be out April 1st, but most Syndicates don’t adhere to a particular release date, so we’ll just say that they release in early April.  Also beware of the April 1st date being April Fool’s Day!

Read the entire article over on Crooked Tongues

lots of pics after the jump

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