Vans Syndicate – AVE/Dill Pack (Review by @DJGuamstyles)

This has been a fun week trying to hunt down pairs of the latest Syndicate release for fellow OTWS members.  The 3-shoe pack, designed by pro skaters Anthony Van Engelen, and Jason Dill, consists of a shoe designed by each of them, as well as a third shoe, representing a combination of both of their creations.

AVE designed the Old Skool 92 Pro “S”, utilizing a classy dress shoe leather, and a cheetah faux fur fabric.  Don’t be fooled into thinking the leather is cheap, like most of you have thought.  My detailed pics will show the quality of the leather, as we’d all expect from Syndicate.  The inner lining consists of soft supple leather, and a detail not previously noticed is the collar and tongue binding wrapped in suede!  Thin waxed laces finish these off nicely, along with a metal top lace eyelet.

Dill’s creation is the Authentic Pro “S” wrapped in a silver textured snakeskin print throughout the entire shoe.  Metal lace eyelets finish them off nicely.  The footbed has Dill on it, as well as the scorpion20/21 logo that this set revolves around.  More on that later.

The final shoe features a mixture of both styles.  The AV Sk8-Low “S” was chosen to rep both of these awesome dudes.  Wrapped entirely in a premium dress shoe leather, with the popular cheetah faux fur material on the inner lining.  The backside of the tongue has the silver snakeskin material that was featured on the Authentic, but sadly the snakeskin material on the removable sock liner, didn’t make it to the production version, instead it features both AVE and Dill on it, as well as their scorpion 20/21 logo, which represents them both being scorpio’s, having been born on November 20th, and 21st respectively.  By the way, this series utilizes the gel padded sock liners, in case you were wondering!  Also one last feature I failed to mention, featured on all 3 models, is the clear waffle soles on the bottom.  Yellowing is inevitable, and has already started to take place!  Live with it!

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tons more detailed pics after the jump

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