Hypebeast Presents: Vans Syndicate Celebrates its 10 Years With Family and Friends (Video) #TheseDays #VansSyndicate #KnownGallery #Hypebeast

Words via Hypebeast:

“Vans Syndicate celebrated its 10-year anniversary last month, and in celebration of this significant milestone, the brand hosted a retrospective installation at Los Angeles’ Known Gallery. Take a look inside the event which features artwork, limited edition collectibles, special collaborative projects and much more — all to commemorate a decade in existence. The installation is entitled These Days: Ten Years of Vans Syndicate and many of the most notable Vans’ family and friends were there for the opening, including Shawn Stussy, Jason Dill, Tetsu Mishiyama and of course, Rian Pozzebon, Vans’ head of design and founding designer of Vans Syndicate.”

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