Vans Syndicate Presents: Mike Hill Retrospective


Words via theskateboardmag

“On Saturday, April 13, Alien Workshop co-founder and art director, Mike Hill, held his first-ever solo art show at Chicago’s Peanut Gallery. The event was proudly presented by Vans Syndicate as a celebration of sorts for their collaboration with Hill on a couple of amazing, from-the-ground-up skate shoes. We went to see twenty-plus years’ worth of Alien Workshop art, including OG puppets and dioramas from the earliest days of AWS everslicks, and a very complete collection of Hill’s work up to this day.”


…also peep a very rare photographic occurence of OTWS’s very own Brant Van Boening with Nate Lott from Vans Syndicate!

more pics after the jump

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