Vans Syndicate – Sk8-Hi Pro “S” – “Off The Wall” Pack (Samples)

The samples just keep showing up!  This time we’ve got a Sk8-Hi to show you, and I’m personally excited about these ones.  Not to cause any hype or anything, because honestly these are coming in a classic colorway, which tend to not be big with the sneakerheads, but for us Vans purists, it may be a must have for our collection.  The Navy/Blue color combo is one of the OG colors for the Sk8-Hi and has stood the test of time.  The Vans classics have black with white, and navy with light blue, so I am expecting these to also be available in that said black and white color combo as well.  Of course, if you are looking for something more upscale, then Vault has the heel zipper version dropping right about now for a mere $120 in the same colorway.  Have at it!  I’ll take these, with the dri-lex liner, which I hear is going to be a standard issue on most Syndicates from here on out, and the newer vulc soles that have been seen on a few newer Vans releases, such as the W)Taps Sk8-Mid, and the Supreme Zero series.  I think it has superior wearability, but on the other hand it may be a little more stiff.  Break ’em in!  Sorry I rambled on so much, and didn’t spend so much time on discussing the shoe, but that’s because I don’t have any real info on these just yet.  Stay tuned, and for now enjoy the pics we’ve found via this eBay auction, in which these are currently up for sale in a sample sz9.

more pics after the jump

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