Vans Syndicate – “These Days” Zine Issue 1 (Fall/Winter 2012)

Words via FreshNGood:

“As you well know, most magazines are busy plotting their next moves in the digital realm. It is in these times that, in a move of highly questionable judgment, the VANS Syndicate ‘zine has chosen to align our efforts in the opposite direction and focus on analog publishing with the inaugural release of THESE DAYS, VANS Syndicate’s biannual newsprint periodical. Like VANS Syndicate itself, THESE DAYS is an exploration into the lifestyles and personalities that inspire us and contribute to make our shared culture so rad. We hope these stories will inspire you too.

This awesome newsprint will be available shortly, a select Vans Syndicate dealers.  Let’s hope they put them out on the counters, instead of leaving them in the back as bathroom reading material!

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