Vans Syndicate x Concepts – “Combat Zone” Sk8-Hi (3/31/13)


So there you have it folks.  The highly anticipated Concepts collaboration with the almighty “S” has been formally introduced.  What are your thoughts?  Did they knock this one out the park, or did they create a division between those who love it, and those who hate it?  Personally, I like that it’s unlike any other Syndicate we’ve seen.  Right away, I went towards that pink satin lining.  Linings matter on a Sk8-Hi, as the shape of the shoe allows just enough of it to protrude at the top, so any contrast in material will look good there.  Nice one.  Although I personally believe laser engraving should be reserved for custom labeling, used in small doses, the side panel with the laser-engraved “tribal paisley” is also pretty dope.  Never seen that on a Syndicate before.  So far, they’ve got two original features!  Let’s keep going.  Next, you notice the black suede toebox and lace row.  Conservative, but with the tonal black stitching, the safe decision allows you to focus on the back half of the shoe, where all the magic seems to be happening.  The tongue label has Concepts “Double C” logo, which is dope, because any official collab should have the brand’s logo present, unless of course the idea is to be minimalistic.  These are nothing near that.  Which leads me to the heel panel of the shoe.  Remember that neon brothel sign logo we’ve been teased the fuck out of with, all past week?  That ended up on the back of the shoe, inviting you to come on in, and enjoy yourself in a pair of these.  This is the main symbol for what these shoes represent… “the debauchery and rebelliousness of a locale once known for violence, crime and prostitution”, as best described by Hypebeast.  The custom work doesn’t end there, though!  Concepts went as far as using the crystal-clear waffle soles, with the iconic checkerboard pattern visible through it.  Nice finishing touch there.  Don’t forget, they also were able to utilize a fully customized drawer box that we are all familiar with!  So let’s add it up.  They’ve hit all the marks to make this a great shoe.  Brand division (Syndicate), choice of materials (pink satin & suede), first-time design ideas (laser-engraving), brand label (tongue tag, heel logo, and drawer box), and unique touches (clear soles, and a custom sturdy drawer box).  Nice work, Concepts.  Nice work!

pics via Hypebeast

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