Vans Syndicate x DEFCON – Sk8-Hi Notchback “S” & Old Skool “S” (First Look!)


Words via Vans Syndicate:


DEFCON members stay under the radar and invest energies into the visual construction of their heartfelt passions. A multi-faceted approach to marketing, design, and photography focuses on shaping brand identities that respond to the fast-paced evolution of online marketing in the digital age and a glutted marketplace.  DEFCON collaborators like to take their time, think before they speak, and choose authenticity over corruption.

On October 1st, DEFCON comes up for air to corroborate their long-standing partnership with the Vans Syndicate group. Both models were inspired by Navel Special Warfare AOR1 and AOR2 camo and are a testimony to the long lasting relationship between DEFCON and members of the Special Forces community.

AOR1 and AOR2 camo were developed by Seal Team 6/Devgru during the early years of the war on terror.  The actual material contains some highly classified infra red reflective weaving compnents which make it “night vision goggles stealthy”.  AOR1 being the dessert option, while AOR2 is the woodland counterpart.  The camo was initially issued to Navel Special Warefare tier one unit, Devgru, and was first revealed to the mainstream public by the Bin Laden raid blockbuster, Zero Dark Thirty.  Today it is fielded by all Seal Teams.

The Vans Syndicate DEFCON models are a non classified / non ITAR, visually similar versions of the AOR1 and AOR2 camo.  The  Sk8-Hi Notchback “S” is reinforce in the front, protected by a camel colored fire-proof Warrior Suede®,  gusseted  tongue and printed digital desert camo on a ripstop quarter panel, and add intricate detail to tongue, inside collar, and side stripe. Second, an Old Skool “S” made privy to similar treatment with black Warrior Suede®, and printed digital woodland camo on ballistic mesh, quarter panel, and tongue.  Both shoes feature a moisture wicking Dri-Lex™ lining.”

No new info as of yet, but this is going to be an epic release from DEFCON, and I think it’s kind of cool that they’ve always operated as this covert, secret-ops team, with a military-inspired theme throughout the years.  I mean, even though we didn’t know who was behind all of these awesome military Vans shoes, we knew they were dope.  They had a back story, and were genuine to the core.  I love it!

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