Vans Syndicate x Greg Hunt – Era “S” (A closer look)

The latest and greatest from the Vans Syndicate team has finally arrived, and what do we all love more than a few nicer shots than the standard press photos?  Nothing!  That’s all we want!  Well, I’ve managed to snap off a few decent shots, which shows the minor contrast between the black suede, and dark grey waxed canvas.  These are not just an all black shoe, oh no!  The Syndicate group even went as far as matching both sets of waxed laces to either shade you prefer, minor yet important details in which they are known for!  Also take note of the top lace eyelet on both pairs, which feature a notch, unlike the rest of the eyelets in the eye row.  You’ll definitely be off the fence for sure with these pics!

more pics after the jump

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