Vans Syndicate x Jason Jessee – Old Skool (New Pickups!)

Can you say WTF?  How is it that I was able to snag a pair of the most holiest of grails in the Syndicate realm?!  I’m still in shock that I came across these from a long time Vans Syndicate dealer, but you better believe it!  Only one minor blemish, from being exposed to the elements for a few years, through the hole in the Syndicate box.  The rest of the shoe is as if it were brand new, (unlike my 003 sz12 Jason Jessee Sk8-Hi’s from FCLA that had one yellow sole, and one brand new white sole).  A little bit of Sea Glow should fix that spot right up!  Do some digging, and see what you can come up with at your local Syndicate dealer!  You never know.

lots more eyecandy after the jump

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