Vans Syndicate x Luke Meier Zero Lo Navy (Supreme Exclusive)

So yesterday was quite a madhouse over at Supreme LA, and I was one of the fortunate few who was able to walk away with a pair of these Navy Zero Lo’s.  One of the employees had even mentioned that their store only received about 20 pairs of these to sell, so if anyone was hoping to come down there a day later, expecting to pick up a pair, then you will be disappointed.  Sizes were extremely limited, and there were no 11.5s so I had to get a 12, just like a lot of the newer Syndicate releases.  To tell you the truth, this shoe looks identical to the black pair, if you are standing about 15 feet away.  It’s only when you’re in direct sunlight, or standing next to a black pair, that you may notice the subtle difference.  Maybe that will make a lot of you happier now, if you didn’t get yours.  The only Supreme branding was on the insole, which was already rubbing off, when I took them out of the box for the first look.  I guess the gold printing didn’t cure properly, because my other Syndicate Zero Lo’s aren’t producing this same problem.  Once you wear these, most likely all the gold printing will be on your socks, and you’ll have blank insoles.  The Zero Lo is a classic, timeless shoe, and the navy colorway is a great touch, but for a Supreme release, this shoe may go unnoticed, compared to all of their other Vans.  Not necessarily a bad thing!  Enjoy the pics.

more pics after the jump

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