Vans Syndicate x Odd Future – Old Skool Pro “S” (OTWS Review!)


Well here they are!  The shoe all the kids have been running around frantically trying to score, some successful, while others a day late and a dollar short of their own local sneaker reseller!  I don’t think there has been a more underestimated release for Vans, in a long long time, than the Vans Syndicate x Odd Future Old Skool Pro “S”.  People still aren’t quite sure how to point out the demographic for this fan base, but one thing’s for sure, it’s a large fuckin’ fan base!  To tell you the truth, most of us Vans sneaker collectors, mostly older guys, copped these purely from a collector’s standpoint.  Not taking anything away from the shoe’s design though, because Tyler “created” one of the best Old Skools I’ve seen in a long time.  The color combo is instantly recognizable, and I’m already a fan of the gum sole, so when I saw the early pics of these, I knew I was going to end up with at least one or two.  There’s definitely a core skater vibe to these.  Something most skaters can gravitate to.  It’s not over the top with crazy materials, or wild colors, yet the embroidered “GOLF WANG” on the heel, and the OFWGKTA kitties on the footbed and backside of the tongue are just the right amount of Odd Future needed for a dope collab, without turning away us regulars.  The all over suede is premium, and is just perfect.  Smooth.  Quality.  Durable.  What else can I say?!  The collar lining has this unfamiliar material, that feels like leather, but it isn’t.  It’s sort of like a nubuck, or even some synthetic moisture-wicking material.  Soft is what it is!

As always, I’ve snapped a few detailed pics for y’all.  I’ve laced each pair up in both laces that came with each shoe, and if you want to get wild, you can probably lace swap between colorways, since these colors seem to compliment each other very well.  Hope to kick you off the fence about these, whichever direction that is!


tons more pics after the jump!

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