Vans Syndicate x Rodney Smith – Apparel (available @Silostore)

Syndicate apparel is rarely dropped, and when it does, it disappears quicker than a jury member on the Casey Anthony trial!  (I know, that’s just mean.)  But seriously, the last Syndicate Starter snapback is practically non-existent, and when’s the last time you’ve seen a simple, clean Vans Syndicate tee, with a big “VANS” logo on it, with the signature Mr. Cartoon for Syndicate “S”?  It took me awhile to put this info up, but it’s been on our forums for a minute.  If you didn’t know where to find this at, then now you know.  Thanks to Brant at Silo, for giving us the heads up on this, and head on over, or give him a call to get your gear!

more pics after the jump

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