Vans Syndicate x Starter – Snapbacks (Limited Restock @silostore)

This is more of an educational post, rather than a “where to cop” post.  Some of you who are new to Vans and Vans Syndicate may not know about some of the rare gems that they put out every now and again.  Well, let me take that back.  Rare, not so much…but hard to come by now days…yes.  The navy and red “New York” version released last year with the Rodney Smith collection, as a nod to the black and white first one that Vans Syndicate put out about 5 or 6 years ago I believe.  That’s the one in the picture as well.  That hat is a grail of many on OTWS, and can fetch a pretty penny on eBay, if it were to ever show up.  I haven’t seen one in over two years, until a few popped up overseas in Singapore recently, and have since sold out as well.  Well, yesterday Brant, owner of Silo, posted up that he had the black one available in store, along with the Rodney Smith version, and my mouth just dropped!  Some lucky person walked away with one serious collector’s piece right there.  Vans Syndicate was one of the first to bring the Starter brand back.  Long before snapbacks became all the rage, and definitely before the “S” became a serious contender in the sneaker community.  I’ve since learned my lesson, and I swoop up any merchandise or accessories that Vans Syndicate puts out, because no doubt they will become someone else’s grail one day.

pics from Brant at Silo

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