Vans Syndicate x Streetmachine – “The Copenhagen Session” Authentic Pro “S” & AV Classic “S” (Available Now!)


Words and pics via Streetmachine

For the AV Classic “S”:

Sessions in Copenhagen are more often than not combined through a string of bicycle journeys from spot to spot. In fact, the people of Copenhagen travel 1.270.000 km, or roughly 30 times around the Earth, by bike during an average day. It’s how we get around. When making your way through the streets of Copenhagen, chances have it you’ll be skating curbs, stair sets, concrete bowls, and hips, all in one day; the skateboarding is versatile and the footwear has to emphasize that.

We chose a classic yet modern Vans shoe, exemplifying the DNA of Copenhagen skateboard culture.



For the Authentic Pro “S”:

After having spent most of the winter in mental caves, we’re desperate to get out on the streets when the sun has finally returned. The whole city of Copenhagen goes mad when springtime hits and the streets are flooded with people. We shuffle back and forth between the city and the beach, skating spots and enjoying the weather before meeting up in the streets or the parks for beers and happy days; the so-called after session.

We chose a classic Vans-silhouette and added a contemporary yet summery touch to it, making it ideal for many after sessions to come.


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