Vans Syndicate x Wtaps – Authentic “S” Gold (11.14.15)


As Vans Syndicate comes to a close, at least for the foreseeable future, they are definitely going out with a bang.  They’re ending the 10 year run with one of the more recently deemed iconic models, the Wtaps “winged” Authentic, but in the ultra rare Gold colorway retro.  I say recently, because the Wtaps Syndicates, including all of the winged Authentics didn’t carry much appeal outside of the fashion forward groups who knew about the Wtaps brand.  This original version that released alongside the black and white pair, carried a “unicorn” or “holy grail” status to some, with rumors of only being samples, or Japan-exclusives, which later were debunked by a few of our OG Vans friends.  To see this colorway being chosen as the final release from Vans Syndicate, pays the ultimate respect to the brand, it’s history, and of course the collectors and Vans Syndicate fans.  They’ll be releasing in limited numbers this coming weekend, and if you don’t already have your “S” dealer on lock, then you better real fast.  Don’t expect these to last.

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