Vans Syndicate x W)Taps – Burgundy Bones Pack (Now Available!)

Well I guess it comes to no surprise that the Burgundy Bones Pack is out now, and quickly flying off shelves.  I think “flying” is an understatement, and this release has caused a lot of disappointment but not for those saavy enough to hunt down shops that haven’t been “tapped” out, so to speak!  Actually, you don’t have to be saavy, you just have to stick with us here at OTWS.  Our forums might not have a lot of members, but we’re dedicated, and motivated.  For some, it’s to collect, and for some it’s to support, and of course for some, it’s to resell.  A lot of the members have been posting up spots that still have sizes left, and any news of new spots getting them is being posted almost instantaneously.  All I know, is that most of our core contributing members had no problems getting their pairs, and I’m stoked that a lot more members have been participating as well.  W)Taps always brings out the lurkers!  Good luck, and happy hunting!

Vans Syndicate has posted up the official pics for these, and I thought I’d share them with you all.  Thanks for stopping by!

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