Vans Vault – Brooks Era FAKES!!! (Maroon & Navy)

One of our OTWS members, Wolfstrice09, came across these Brooks Era samples, and after investigating a little bit, we now know these pics came from Boundlezz.  These two colorways never made it to retail production, but would these have been a must have, if released?

Edit:  One of our Malaysian members, Joni_Loco brought it to my attention that these are most likely fakes, because he found a site that offers these for sale, in full sized runs, and they are known for selling fake Vans.  That site is SneakersLover.  Most of their models are low-key general release, or CA collection, but the Syndicate 005 Navy W)Taps Eras gave it away!  If our OTWS members didn’t span worldwide, then we would’ve probably never been able to catch this!  Thanks Izam!

more pics after the jump

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