Vans Vault Era LX DRI-technology (Review)

I recently picked up a few new Vault releases that haven’t had a lot of attention, but I feel they deserve it.  One release in particular, being the Era LX with DRI technology.  A scotchguard material designed to wicke moisture away, and keep dry.  Being that we’re coming up on Winter, these are a great choice for your seasonal lineup.  Notice the smooth suede that was utilized in these.  Top-notch.  The colorways seen here are looking clean as well, in a gray tone that has been given the name “Sedona Sage”, as well as a black colorway, without a fancy name.  Just “black”.  The inside is lined with the DRI material, for the entire padded insole, tongue-backing, and rear portion of the shoe.  The collar is done up in a soft black suede, so you don’t get a blister when you wear your no-show socks.  Fitment is true to size, to slightly loose.  Two laces are provided, and I’ve taken pics of different combinations for you all, including swapping between the sets that originally came with them.  I personally think the purple goes well with the gray, and the black on black, with slight blue accents in them.  Follow the jump for more pics!

more pics after the jump

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