Vans Vault – Old Skool Zip LX (Spring 2015)


As of until now, we’ve only seen the Old Skool Zip LX from Blends, in their iconic “Bones” version, which most of you know are hard to come by, and when word got out that Vans was going to be introducing the zipper on the Old Skool for 2015, in the Vault and California lines, many were stoked for it, as the Old Skool Zip is a great idea.  Who doesn’t want to easily step in and out of their shoes, instead of loosening up like 5 rows of laces!  They’ll be offered in 4 premium leather colorways: Black/White, Andorra/Cream, Peacoat/Cream, and White/Royal Blue.  Honestly, we had no idea how great these were going to turn out, but the leather and the colors chosen are going to make these even more of a hit than anticipated.  Is it too soon to predict that Vault just might take the lead over California this year?!

pics and info via Hypebeast & Strictly Vans

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