Vans Vault: Ten Years of Lockdown (Article by Sneaker Freaker)


Here’s an interesting brief article about the heritage of  our beloved Vans Vault, written by the original (and still the best) sneaker resource, Sneaker Freaker.  It’s a retrospect into what Vans was, and what they are now, and how Vault by Vans played a big part in their revival into the fashion world, and well, pop culture in general.  Enlisting many artists to collaborate with, as well as betting big on their in-house “ace up their sleeve” Taka Hayashi, who continually sets the bar for the luxury side of Vans.  If you get a chance, head on over to SneakerFreaker’s website, and see what they have to say about our #1 brand, and hopefully one day we can be mentioned in the short list of sneaker communities that promote growth and change in trends!  One day!

info and pics via Sneaker Freaker

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