Vans Vault x Blends – Sk8-Hi Zip LX “10 Year Anniversary” aka Bones (Early Sneaker Review!)


Vans Vault has partnered up with Blends on this awesome Sk8-Hi Zip LX to commemorate their 10 Year Anniversary, and I wanted to write up a little review for y’all.  The first thing that draws your attention to these, are the bones that are prominently displayed on the side of the upper.  Replacing the typical jazz stripe, yet keeping the familiarity of the classic lines so you know what they are.  Fuckin’ dope is what they are!  When I first laid eyes on them, right away my thoughts went towards those high end Japanese labels, such as MASTERMIND, NEIGHBORHOOD, or our beloved WTAPS.  These could’ve easily been something that we’ve seen from them, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a little bit of inspiration came from that lifestyle.  These are wrapped in motorcycle jacket leather, and feature muted tongues, so there’s no label on it.  The only branding is on the footbed, where you’ll see the Vans and Blends logos.  Let’s also not forget that they went with the Sk8-Hi Zip LX, which has only been in the Vault lineup for about a year and some change now, but has been an instant success.  It features the “re-issue” last, for that old skool timeless look.  The shoes come equipped with black and white thin laces, and you get your standard white classic vulc sole, with black foxing stripe.  The bottoms are black as well.  Size down half a size, as these Sk8-Hi Zips have a non-removable insole.  You’ll thank me later on that heads up!  Blends only made 100 pairs of these, and they release this Friday.  No set price yet, so you’ll just have to take a gamble when they drop.  I honestly believe that these will be one of the top 5 drops from Vans this year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up on a lot of people’s year-end lists.  Great fucking job, Blends!

I also want to give a special shout-out to Nobu, for blessing me with a pair early, so I could share the real deal info with y’all.  We know our Vans better than anyone else out there, and I’m glad that he recognizes us for that.  I don’t ever ask for stuff, so when I get that swag sent my way, I truly am thankful for it!  I’m not worthy!  And while I got the mic, I wanna shout out the rest of the Blends and BTNC homies!  Thanks for being down with OTWS, and hashtagging all your Vans drops with our #OTWS tag.  Game reckonize game son!  (Wait, what are y’all doin?  What the…  Gimme the mic back… hold up…lol alright guys peace! -Guamstyles)

tons more pics after the jump incl. on feet pics

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