Vans Vault x Bows & Arrows – “Acid Test” Era 59 LX (UTP Exclusive Review!)


Collaborations are always exciting in the world of sneaker collecting.  We get to see a shop or brand’s personal creation.  Sometimes it has an awesome inspirational story beind it.  Sometimes it’s a falsely made up one.  Sometimes it’s about the artist who helped them design it, or a theme of some sort.  There’s no rules to it, except to make it about you, and that’s what Bows & Arrows in Berkeley, CA did.  Representing the local “mind expanders” looking for that perfect hallucinogen, they decided to go with a trippy twisted pattern on a 10 oz. canvas throughout the entire shoe.  It’s nice to see the NorCal psychonauts represented, without referencing the “Dead Head” culture, which seems to be the go-to theme, rainbow tie-dye patterns and all.  The black on white theme usually makes for a less than stellar concept, but this pattern is just ridiculously dope, and the leather accents complement the entire shoe nicely.  A “B” woven label sits prominently on the tongue, for that custom branding we like to see on every collaboration, and what better way to break up an all-white vulcanized sole, than with a bright red Vault heel tab?  The numbers were limited, and the Bows & Arrows exclusive is now sold out, so use your internet searching skills and hopefully you can get a pair for a decent price!

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