Vans Vault x Diemme – Montebelluna Hi LX (Exclusive OTWS Review!)


It’s not very often that I write sneaker reviews anymore.  With the amount of sneakers that bombard us each month, it’s hard to pick and choose which shoes are worthy enough of a review.  The Montebelluna Hi LX seen here, is undoubtedly worthy.  When we first caught wind that Vans was doing a high end collab with Italian shoemaker Diemme, we were all ears.  Months later, when we realized the MSRP on this collection, we were all up in arms!  With the Montebelluna Lo LX (Slip-On) coming in at a pricey $300, and the Montebelluna Hi LX (Sk8-Hi) at a hefty $350, one can understand why the sudden commotion, but let’s break it down as to what we have here.  We’ve got a hand-crafted, updated, Italian made, super limited, luxurious, classic silhouette, of one of our most favorite sneakers, from (well at least, one) of our favorite sneaker brands!  This is an epic shoe, and if you’re a serious Vans collector, especially one from the earlier days, then you can appreciate these.  The material choice is better than what you’d find on most douchey brand labels at your girlfriend’s favorite high end department store, and the instant you touch the supple inner lining, you’ll be sold.  If you don’t got the money for these, then sell of 2 or 3 of your earlier Supreme or Syndicates.  You can always find another one of those!  These will probably sit around for a little bit, but once they’re gone, they’re gone.  There’s no room for a reseller to make profit, so these will be bought up by people who will own and wear these.  Right now’s the time to make a move, as you can get these for below MSRP on eBay.  I got mine for $330 shipped, which I thought was a steal, until I got the shoes and saw that the seller left the price tag on the box, and saw that he paid $270 from Hot Rod!  As others stay on the fence, hopefully you pull that trigger on a future classic.

Check out my pics, that will hopefully help you in your decision, and no need to thank me Vans!  I just hope that you guys keep putting out dope stuff like this.  Stuff that the other brands don’t even bother to venture into.  Next up, hopefully you guys bring back a program to make one-off customs here in the USA, like the good ‘ol days!  If we’re willing to pay $350 for these shoes right here, then perhaps a premium price point will be worth paying to get a pair made!



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