Vans Vault x Ringleaders (R.F.C.) x OTH – Prison Issue LX (Releasing Oct. 4th #vansringleaders)

RFC-Vansinfo via Off The Hook

The Vans x OTH store in Montreal have teamed up with Off The Hook’s long standing soccer club, The Ringleaders Soccer Club (R.F.C) to release a limited edition shoe to celebrate the city’s beloved club and its brotherhood.


In the 70s and 80s, a subculture emerged in the UK, creating a new style phenomenon – the Casual. Originally hailing from Liverpool and Manchester, these groups of supporters dressed in expensive gear from unconventional designers and other sports, thus simultaneously flying under the authorities’ radar and intimidating rivals. These foreign style cues were picked up while following their teams across the continent, and soon became an important reference back home, one that was sought after, yet hard to come by.


Inspired by their love for both fashion and football (soccer), OTH was the catalyst for the creation of R.F.C, who much like this Vault by Vans release aims to honour the Terrace Culture movement.


This Vans x OTH, Vault by Vans R.F.C. shoe is made of white leather, enhanced with a hint of the club’s colour on the heel. In keeping with the “Casual” spirit, the choice of silhouette for this shoe is an unpredictable one: the “Prison Issue”. The Velcro and discreet RFC letters also give it a distinct style. On the inside, the Vans Vault and the Ringleaders logos are paired with stripes, a nod to traditional football (soccer) aesthetics. 


The Vans x OTH, R.F.C. project will be released exclusively at the Vans x OTH store and online on October 4th at 9 am in store and 11 am online (Eastern time). The shoe will be retailed for 130$ CDN . A hoodie, a pin, and a t-shirt with the new Ringleaders branding will also be available in very limited quantities.

On a personal note, it’s been a long time since we’ve had a nice Prison Issue.  The white premium leather, sitting on top of the all-white vulcanized sole seems to be right on time with a lot of current trends.  The custom touches are subtle, yet still let you know that these are special, and the story behind the design just helps reiterate what The Ringleaders were trying to portray.  All you football (soccer, futbol, etc.) hooligans need to get your hands on these!

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