Vans Vault x Star Wars – Capsule Collection (May 2014)

star-wars-vans-_0002_Vault-by-Vans x Star Wars_OG-Sk8-Hi-LX_Star-Wars-Darth-Storm_Black.jpg

Words via GQ:

“It’s a big week galaxies far far away, apparently. On the heels of releasing the (almost) full cast of the new Star Wars films, Vault by Vans has announced that they’re dropping a Star Wars collab early this May. The capsule collection has six styles, complete with storm trooper prints, subtle references to Jedi Master Yoda and, of course, the heavy-breathing, slightly robotic Darth Vader. Each pair is a slight twist on Vans’ classic lineup you already know—the sk8-hi, the slip-on, era and half cab. Every detail was considered, right down to the prints, which are remixed from the brand’s archive. It’s a subtle way to show your allegiance to either The Empire (why?), The Rebel Alliance, or to just show you’re a total fanboy. We’re just glad they didn’t make a Jar Jar Binks pair.”

It’s a new day, when GQ has the official drop info for the Vault by Vans x Star Wars collection.  This is completely awesome, and nice work on keeping the style present!  By incorporating the vintage prints, but flipping them in a subtle way, it makes these a totally wearable shoe, and not just a collector’s item.  Good shit Vault!  Good shit!

star-wars-vans-_0001_Vault-by-Vans x Star Wars_OG-Half-Cab-LX_Yoda_Turtledove.jpg

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star-wars-vans-_0000_Vault-by-Vans x Star Wars_OG-Half-Cab-LX_Darth-Vader_Black.jpg star-wars-vans-_0005_Vault-by-Vans-x-Star-Wars_OG-Sk8-Hi-LX_Star-Wars-Miami-At-At_Classic-White.jpg star-wars-vans-_0004_Vault-by-Vans-x-Star-Wars_OG-Era-LX_Star-Wars-Darth-Storm_Classic-White.jpg star-wars-vans-_0003_Vault-by-Vans-x-Star-Wars_OG-Classic-Slip-On-LX_Star-Wars-Miami-At-At_Classic-White.jpg

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