Vans Vault x Taka Hayashi – Espadrille TH LX (Fall 2011)

With his tried and true Native American inspired creations, Taka Hayashi has carved out his own little niche market, that has brought much success to his collaboration projects with Vans.  Offering up completely new designs, and not having to abide by any current fashion trends is not something a lot of designers have the luxury to do, especially when people are picky about what they spend their money on.  A niche market is just that, though.  It can’t last forever on the same old stuff every season, and good thing Taka likes to challenge himself, because otherwise we’d all probably be wearing Sk8-hi variants with feathers and dreamcatchers on them, and calling it “Native American”!  All jokes aside, Taka is the master of his craft, and this season is no different.  For this Fall season, Taka has created another new model for Vans, dubbed the Espadrille TH LX.  The TH LX part is a reminder of who created it!  This shoe draws inspiration from the Chukka Boot, a Japanese espadrille sandal, and perhaps a desert boot maybe?  Who knows, but it works pretty well!  They’re constructed with Basque canvas, suede uppers, and a hemp midsole, for a truly authentic look.  Available in 6 colorways: Taupe, Black, Cream, Biarritz, Marseilles, and Montpellier.  These will be showing up around July at your local Vault dealer.

info via FreshNGood

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