Vans Vault x Taka Hayashi – Santa Rosa Nomad LX (pickups!)

The Vans info has been slim lately, so it’s time again for another recent pickup showcase.  This entry is a forgotten, and perhaps an “outside US” release, that came out last April, along with Taka’s Priz Hi Lace LX, and Prison Issue Lace LX.  I thought these were a UK exclusive, but one of our Canadian followers said they were available at his local spot, but the word is still out, on a US release.  Did you see these alongside the other two Taka Hayashi models, when they released?  I didn’t.  These are constructed of a laser-etched tanned leather, with the Native American patterned beads on the straps.  Another notable feature is the green crepe sole.  What do you think?

more pics after the jump

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