Vans x Active Ride Shop – “War And Peace” Half Cab Pro Pack (Under The Palms Exclusive Review!) @activerideshop @activesandimas


Here’s the first information you’ve probably seen on Active Ride Shop’s latest Vans collaboration, dubbed “War And Peace”.  Being that Active is a Southern California skate shop, with over 20 stores throughout the lower part of the state, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon these last night, while stopping into my local Active Ride Shop in San Dimas.  I was chopping it up with Brian, the store manager, about our recent launch of our new name and what not, and he pointed out that the War and Peace pack just came in a few hours earlier.  I was surprised, because we were expecting this shoe later on in the week, and with such a dope design and idea for inspiration, you’d have thought there would have been a more celebrated build-up and release for the shoe!   To their defense, it is Christmas, and they have been super busy with the daily shop priorities, but no big deal.  That’s why we’re here!  I told Brian that I’d get the info out, and write up a nice review on them.  (Disclaimer:  I bought these myself, and didn’t get them for free!  Although, I always graciously accept any pairs that are thrown to me.  One to rock and one to stock is always a good thing!)

So here we are with Active’s latest Vans collab.  Once again they went with their tried and true model of choice, the Half Cab Pro.  Just like their DSNB 1 and 2 packs, and  similar to their past Vans collaborations , there are two variations being offered.  The concept is totally original, and dope as hell.  They contrast each other, not in color or design, but in what they are portraying.  On one side, you have the olive green military-inspired shoe, complete with camouflage linings, quick lace eyelets, and hiker laces, while on the other design, you have an all black hippie-inspired theme, with rainbow tie-dye lining, and round black cord laces, protesting loud and clear!  I can just see all the Dead Heads buying up this model.  Both pairs feature tear-away Half Cab patches, surely a nod to Active’s DSNB 1 Half Cab Pack a few years ago, in their respective lining colorway, but Active also threw in two more sets of patches for each shoe, in case you wanted to switch it up a bit.  The olive pair comes with extra standard flat black laces, while the black pair includes a black/blue hiker lace, which I laced up for you all to see.  Both shoes feature suede on the uppers, heavy-duty canvas on the tongues, and screen-printed twill for the lining.  The footbeds match the lining as well, with a screen-printed custom logo on the heel.  Being that the shoes are Pro models, they feature the UltraCUSH footbed, padded tongues, as well as a DURACAP toe bumper.  Another nice feature and something we don’t see too much anymore, are the perforations on the toe and ankle padding.  Taking it back to the Half Cabs of years ago!  Fitment is the same as all your Pro model Half Cabs, and if you’ve never owned a pair of Half Cabs, then they typically run a little more snug than your Authentic, Era, Old Skool, or Sk8-Hi.  This pack just might be a contender for one of this year’s favorite releases!  I hope my pictures help do these some justice, and really portray the awesomeness that they are, and may they also kick you off the fence!  Enjoy!

Both models are available now on Active’s webshop:




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